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Are you interested in volunteering to coach or be an assistant coach?

We are limited in the number of players and teams in each of our divisions primarily by the availability of coaching staff. If you are interested in applying to be a coach or an assistant coach please proceed to our Coach Application Form by clicking
HERE and submitting your application.

We will be posting more information for coaches HERE, so check back often for updated information.

All Head Coaches
must have a Respect in Sport certificate before the draft. 
If you do not have a certificate yet, please follow the information below to obtain a certificate.

Please read and review our Fair Play Code for Coaches HERE and our Fair Play Code for Players HERE prior to the draft.

To review a copy of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association Regulations, click HERE.

Respect in Sport

It is required that ALL HEAD COACHES in our league MUST complete the Respect in Sport program.

SMBHA will pay for any Head Coach needing to complete this course via a partnership program with RIS.

Please email the Technical Director once you have applied to be a HEAD COACH to obtain the code and information needed to complete the program.

If a Head Coach/Assistant has taken this program through Minor Ice Hockey or another sport, they do not need to take this again.  If you have completed this course, please advise us immediately with a forwarded copy of your certificate #.

Click here to register and take the course online.

Once in the program, select Help if technical assistance is required.

Criminal Record Checks

Also please keep in mind that Criminal Record Checks will need to be completed before taking part in any coaching activities. If you have completed a Criminal Record Check, remember you will need to complete one every two years.  To obtain a Criminal Record Check, please follow the instructions below.

If you have any other questions please contact our Technical Director at

Criminal Record Check Instructions (you can now choose to perform your record check either online or manual, see below on how to proceed with online or manual) -

Online Process:

  1. If you choose to use our online process (available to people over the age of 18 and have been living in Canada for at least 2 years) please visit the following website: (note: ID verification is through Equifax - information regarding this ID verification process can be found here:

    Online Link:

  2. On the webpage above, enter the following ACCESS CODE: SR2RJ35R8C and be sure to also enter the "verification" ID as shown in the picture below the access code box.  If you can not read the picture, click on it to generate a new ID.  Click "Request a New Criminal Record Check" when ready.

  3. You should see a new page identifying the organization as "Surrey Minor Ball Hockey Association", click "Next" to proceed and continue completing each page following the on screen instructions.

  4. At the end of the process, you will receive a Session ID # and a Service #, please print this out for your records and email ONLY these two numbers to ADMIN@SMBHA.ORG for our records.

Manual Process:

  1. If you do not met the requirements to obtain a record check online or choose to use the manual process instead, please print and complete the following form and email BOTH PAGES to ADMIN@SMBHA.ORG.  Upon receipt of your form we will complete Part 2 and submit it to the Criminal Records Review by fax.

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