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Surrey Minor Ball Hockey Association believes in ensuring the communication lines between Parents, Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Executive are as efficient as possible.

Divisional Managers were introduced as volunteer positions to assist in the day to day operation and communication of their particular division.  They are responsible for ensuring the following areas are addressed within the division:
  • Responsible for the day to day operation of their respective division.
  • Communicate Risk Management information to the teams.  Including, what to do in case of emergencies and any insurance related issues.
  • Responsible for handling complaints regarding players, parents, team staff and referees within their division following referral by Team Manager.
  • Manage any changes to team roster jersey numbers, positions, player information or managing the use of affiliate (call-up) players.
  • Provide feedback to Executive on various issues and situations during the season.
  • Liaison between Executive, team managers and coaches.
  • Provide division specific communications to players, parents, team staff within the division.

The following are the current Division Managers, which may be contacted:

Junior Division: Joti Pooni | juniordivmgr@smbha.org

Major Division: Della Serediuk | majordivmgr@smbha.org

Minor Division: Hiroko Goto | minordivmgr@smbha.org

Peewee Division: Jonathan McCune | peeweedivmgr@smbha.org

Pup Division: Brenda Rathore | pupdivmgr@smbha.org

Peanut Division: Marle Simmons | peanutdivmgr@smbha.org

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