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General Registration Information

2016 Season Registration is now closed

If you are interested in placing your name on our wait list click here to use wait list form

2016 Divisions and Fees

Please register your child in the correct age division based on the year he/she was born according to the chart below. We will not allow players to be registered in a division other than their correct age group. Below is the division break out based on birth year for the upcoming 2016 season along with our 2016 Fee schedule based on a three level system.

 Birth Year Division





Nov - Dec

Jan - Feb

Feb - Mar

 1997/98/99 Junior




 2000/2001 Major




 2002/2003 Minor




 2004/2005 Peewee




 2006/2007 Pup




 2008/2009 Peanut




 2010 Tykes (6yr)




 2011/2012 Mini-Tykes




                          Note: Tykes and Mini-Tykes fee includes
          free T-Shirt for the player to keep.

The Online Registration Process is as follows:

  • All registrations must be done online through RAMP Interactive;
  • All new registrants must create an account with RAMP. Click HERE to create an account;
  • All returning players to SMBHA and/or all registrants with a RAMP account from another sports league can use their existing RAMP account. Click HERE to log into your account with RAMP Interactive;
  • Be prepared before starting the registration process, have all the necessary information readily available. The following information will be required during the registration process: Birth Certificate Number, BC Care Card Number, Doctor name/telephone number, and Credit Card Number (if this is the first time using RAMP registration).

  • You will be able to print your CHILD TAX CREDIT receipt from your online registration account anytime after payment has been made.  Surrey Minor Ball Hockey Association will not be mailing out receipts, therefore please make sure to print your receipt from your RAMP online registration account.

For divisions from Peanut through to Junior, we are unable to guarantee any requests made for friends to play together, even for car pooling purposes. If you do make such a request, this is noted, but not guaranteed.

In addition, the SMBHA does not recommend that players play outside of their age group. 
Player's doing so will NOT be eligible to play with their team in the Provincial Tournament. If the player still wants to play in a division outside their age group, a request for approval must be made by email to the President and Technical Director. In addition, we would need the parent's and player's acknowledgement that if their team makes the Provincial Tournament they will not be eligible to play with their team.

If at the end of the ONLINE REGISTRATION if you do not see the division you would like to register in it means we are full, in this case please use our WAIT LIST FORM to be placed on our wait list in case a spot becomes available.

League/Ball Hockey Information

This is five on five hockey using regular ice hockey sticks and a plastic orange ball. The players wear RUNNING SHOES and play on the smooth concrete surface remaining when the ice is melted out of the arenas in the spring. Minor ball hockey is NON CONTACT.

Mandatory equipment for ALL players is:

  • CSA approved helmet with full facial protector;
  • Hockey stick,
  • Hockey gloves, and
  • Light duty shin guards (similar to soccer shin guards).

Additional Recommended equipment for players includes:

  • Knee pads;
  • Elbow pads, and
  • Athletic supporter with cup.

Mandatory equipment for goalies is:

  • CSA approved helmet with full facial protector or a CSA approved goalie mask (goalie masks for street hockey are not CSA approved);
  • Ball Hockey or Ice Hockey goalie pads, blocker and glove;
  • Goalie chest and neck protector, and
  • Athletic supporter with cup.

The general time frame for the SMBHA season is as follows:

  • February: new player evaluations and draft of teams;
  • Late February: Coach contacts team;
  • Late March/Early April: first initial practice and exhibition games;
  • April: Season officially begins, and
  • Late June: Season ends
  • Late June: BC Provincial Tournament for the SMBHA division winning teams

Association Boundaries/Player Releases

All players residing in the City of Surrey MUST play for Surrey Minor Ball Hockey. The boundaries for each association are set up by our governing body (the West Coast Ball Hockey Association -

It is Surrey's position that we will abide by these boundaries and we expect the other associations to abide by their boundaries as well. Currently we border two different associations; Valley Minor Ball Hockey and Delta Minor Ball Hockey. These boundaries must be adhered to in order to keep all the associations running fairly. We are lucky enough to have three locations and four arenas across the city (Cloverdale, Newton and North Surrey) that we play out of thus making it reasonable for our players to have a chance at playing games at an arena that is close to their home.

If your home address is in Surrey but your child wishes to play for another association you must have a signed release. To obtain a release to play for another association please provide a minimum of TWO letters from TWO different people (eg. Parent and Daycare provider or Parent and Grandparent) stating why your child would like to play for that association. Once the Executive has received your letters they will be brought to the next scheduled executive meeting for review. After reviewing your request the Executive will make a decision and contact you regarding their decision.

***Please note: We will not provide releases to players who register late and wish to use that as a reason to move associations.

Registration for the upcoming 2016 season will be open until the end of March, 2016. Early registration ensures that your child will not miss out for the coming season, in addition to taking advantage of price discounts, and will be drafted to a team rather than placed on the next team with an available roster spot (all LATE registrants will be placed on a team rather than drafted, the player will not have a selection of which team they will be placed on).  We have limited space depending on available Coaches and Referees, therefore please consider participating as a Coach or Referee to ensure we can allow our kids a spot to play. Waiting until towards the end of registration often leads to disappointment, especially if your child ends up on our waitlist.

The sooner SMBHA knows how many players to expect, the more time we have to ensure sufficient coaching staff, referees and floor time to attempt to accommodate all players.

If you are interested in Coaching/Assistant Coaching, click HERE to go to our information webpage.

If you are interested in Refereeing, click HERE to go to our  information webpage.

Other Fees, Discounts and Refund Policy

Jersey and Equipment Deposit

The SMBHA purchases new jerseys every season along with purchase of goalie equipment to replace lost, damaged, or non returned jerseys and goalie equipment. These costs are one of the major operating costs of running our league. We don't think that everyone should pay more simply because a few fail to return jerseys or goalie equipment. Our deposit system is in place to ensure we have good quality jerseys and equipment for all players, and to keep registration costs reasonable. We appreciate your cooperation.

Deposit Cheques

A jersey deposit of $100 will be collected by your team manager at the start of the season.

Goalie equipment deposit is based on Division:

Tyke and Peanut $200 deposit. Pup, Peewee, Minor, Major, Junior $300 deposit.

The deposit cheque(s) shall be post dated for July 1, 2016 and made out to "Surrey Minor Ball Hockey Association". Please use separate cheques for jerseys and goalie equipment (if applicable).

***If you are still in possession of previous seasons jerseys, please return them.

Registration Payment

All registrations must be done online through RAMP Interactive. In order to streamline the registration process, we accept payment online by credit card (Visa and MasterCard). All transactions are secure and processed by our third party merchant service provider Chase Paymentech. If you do not have a credit card, please contact the Registrar to discuss payment alternatives.

Financial Assistance

If you are applying for financial assistance, please contact the Registrar for assistance in registering. A scanned emailed copy or mailed photocopy of the financial assistance application must be sent to the Registrar to ensure registration is confirmed.

Financial assistance can be obtained from any of the following agencies:


Surrey Minor Ball Hockey Association will provide a refund, less a $20 administration fee to cover banking and processing charges, upon request if received before the team draft (typically end of February).

Refund requests received after the team draft but before the first league game has been played will be subject to a $75 refund fee.

No refunds will be issued after the first league game has been played, except for medical reasons.  A Doctor's note will be required under this situation and the refund will be prorated less the $20 administration fee.

Applying for a Refund

To apply for a refund, email your request to the Treasurer at Please note refunds will be reviewed and paid by the same method used to pay registration. Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible but may take several weeks depending on when the request is made, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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