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2016 Final Standings & First Round Playoff Matchups
Posted on Jun 10, 2016

Congratulations MINOR PACIFIC on a wonderful ball hockey season!

The first round of the playoffs are now set.

The 2nd/3rd place was decided by the first tie breaker rule (Head to Head), MN8 Vipers with their win and tie versus MN7 Wolfpack earn 2nd place.

The final standings are:

MN6 Chaos16122226663168
MN8 Vipers1675418465040
MN7 Wolfpack1675418616284
MN5 Hawks1667315655968
MN9 Thunder1621226477160

* NOTE: this may be different than what is shown on the STANDINGS menu item, the above standings ARE the OFFICIAL final standings.

Therefore the first round playoff match-ups are as follows:

Series A - MN5 Hawks (4th Place) vs MN9 Thunder (9th Place)
              GAME 1 SATURDAY JUNE 11th 3:00 PM @ NEWTON

Good Luck to all! Please follow up with your Coach if there are any questions. See the playoff format for more detailed information.

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